Seafood Restaurants Laconia NH

Seafood restaurants offer different kinds of seafood such as Maine oysters, fried shrimps, mussels, fried catfish, stuffed crab, Chilean sea bass, Canadian salmon and more. See below for local businesses in Laconia that give access to crabmeat salad, seared tuna, and seafood pasta, as well as where find popular seafood restaurants.

Weirs Beach Lobster Pound
(603) 366-2255
70 Endicott St N
Laconia, NH

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Lobster Connection
(603) 524-7079
1007 Laconia Rd
Tilton, NH

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Johnsons Seafood & Steak
(603) 942-7300
1334 1st Nh Tpke
Northwood, NH

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Fish Shanty
(603) 749-1001
471 Central Ave
Dover, NH

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Lupo's Seafood & Grille
(603) 926-1100
595 Ocean Blvd
Hampton, NH

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Shibley's At The Pier
(603) 875-3636
Rte 11
Alton Bay, NH

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(603) 225-4044
379 Dover Rd
Chichester, NH

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(603) 924-5000
6 School St
Peterborough, NH

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Hebert's Seafood & Steak
(603) 431-5882
1500 Lafayette Rd Ste 8
Portsmouth, NH

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Li'l Lobster Boat
(603) 882-4988
273 Derry Rd
Litchfield, NH

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Which Seafood is Good for Your Brain & the Environment?

Which Seafood is Good for Your Brain & the Environment?

Which Seafood is Good for Your Brain & the Environment? Phyllis McCarthy : Head Mommy Ego
Which Seafood is Good for Your Brain & the Environment?

We’ve all heard how wonderful omega-3 fats are for our health. They have tons benefits, including:

  • Preventing fatal erratic heart rhythms
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Making up cell membranes throughout the body, especially the eye, brain and sperm cells
  • Preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke
  • Easing depression

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, author of Ultrametabolism, research suggests that the omega-3s in certain fish may cure or treat most chronic illnesses, including depression, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, dementia, autism, ADHD, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases.

But with all the concern about mercury levels in fish and unsustainable fishing practices, what kind of fish can we safely eat?

Dr. Andrew Weil, recommends eating wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, black cod, and bluefish. He suggests avoiding tuna, swordfish, shark, tilefish and sea bass.

To help you make quality seafood choices when you’re shopping or out to eat, download our favorite Seafood Pocket Guide . It lists fish that are both high in omega-3 fats and low in environmental contaminants.

Wellness Quick Tip
Not interested in eating fish, but want to get the benefit of omega-3 fats? Take a fish oil supplement that contains both DHA and EPA. Worried about mercury and toxins? Here’s an easy home test from Dr. Barry Sears...

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