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Local resource for organic beef in Cody, WY. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to organic grass-fed ground beef, organic filets mignons, organic ribeye steak, organic uncured beef, organic ground beef, organic ground beef patties, organic beef liver steak, and organic tenderloin steak, as well as advice and content on organic farming.

Cody Farmers Market
(307) 527-7662
Albertson's Grocery store parking lot
Cody, WY
General Information
Covered : No
Open Year Round : No
WIC Accepted : No
SFMNP Accepted : No
SNAP Accepted : No
July 9-October Thursday, 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Mountain High Health Foods - Health Food Store
(307) 587-1700
1914 17th St
Cody, WY
Thunderbasin Land & Livestock
(307) 635-4241
PO Box 904/946 County Road 110
Cheyenne, WY
Williams Grassfed. LLC
(307) 738-2385
1046 Mayoworth Road
Kaycee, WY
Running Water Farms
(307) 789-3903
10360 Highway 89 N
Evanston, WY
Heart Mountain Valley Ranch
(307) 587-8514
Cody, WY
Membership Organizations

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Whole Foods Trading Company - Health Food Store
(307) 587-3213?
1239 Rumsey Ave
Cody, WY
Touchstone Angus Beef
(307) 340-1456
440 Petz Road / PO Box 165
Lusk, WY
Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch
(307) 742-4429 or (720) 939-5831.
4363 Welsh Lane
Laramie, WY
EZ Rocking Ranch
(307) 682-2968
1050 Bitter Creek
Recluse, WY
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Confessions of a Carnivore

Confessions of a Carnivore

Confessions of a Carnivore Dr. Gary Huber : Head Medical Ego
Confessions of a Carnivore

I’m not that bright. But I am curious, and it is my curiosity that leads me to new discoveries. We live in the “information age” where the amount of literature, publications and raw information doubles every 18 months. As information grows, the rules change, and so we must be open to change.

In the past I have preached that all you had to do was expose your skin to the sun for 15 minutes a day and your body would make all the vitamin D you need naturally. Wrong. New information is teaching us that vitamin D intake 10 times the old recommendations have tremendous benefit and many, if not most of us, just aren’t getting enough sun or vitamin D. I am also guilty of stating that “milk is the perfect food because of its balanced protein to carbohydrate ratio.” In my own defense, it was a long time ago and I was under the influence of a heavy estrogen load form the milk I was consuming. I think it was melting my brain. I’m better now . . . thanks for asking. My point (yes there is a point) is that things change and we need to stay open to new ideas if we are going to benefit and stay healthy.

With that thought in mind I am pleased to announce that BEEF IS BACK and no one is happier about it than me. Here’s my story in a nutshell. I grew up as the son of a meat cutter, and a raging carnivore. Technically an omnivore but I only ate green stuff to help push the red stuff through. My father proudly sold “prime” beef in his butcher shop and I gladly wallowed in steak, roast, and filet heaven. But as I grew older and began my nutritional journey to find the perfect fuel for my body I learned of beef’s dark side. The hormones and relentless antibiotics injected into our meat supply had turned beef into a toxic slab of disease that was rotting us from the inside out. The saturated fat in meat was being blamed for our culture’s rise in heart disease and cancer. (Not real true, but that was the part line). The problems inherent in the beef industry were kept quiet and the damage from hormones and antibiotic exposure seemed to fly under the radar. Disgusted with the whole mess I swung my allegiance to kale and broccoli and beans, and to my fathers horror I became one of those crazy VEGANS. Oh the shame. Doomed to roam the isles of Wild Oats in desperate search of quality protein, a carnivore with wilted fangs. Is it possible to make a soy burger tasty and juicy? Oh the humanity . . . where is the JUICE!?

But as I lay adrift in a sea of hydrogenated soy meal, texturized vegetable protein, tempeh and Bocca burgers there came a shimmering light that promised hope. Say it with me kids . . . Grass Fed Beef ! When I first heard of it I was exceedingly skeptical. I thought it must be just another toxic product built on hype and deception but once again, I was wrong. Have you noticed how often I am wrong? 

Here are the facts (as of today). It could all change by next month...

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