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Local resource for aerobic fitness centers in Cabot. Includes detailed information on local fitness centers that provide access to elliptical trainers, treadmills, cycling classes, kickboxing classes, fitness classes, and weight loss exercises, as well as advice and content on hiring a personal trainer.

Curves Jacksonville AR
1920 W. Main St., Ste. 3B
Jacksonville, AR
Programs & Services
Aerobics, Body Sculpting, Cardio Equipment, Cardio Equipment, Circuit Training, Group Exercise Studio, Gym Classes, Gym Equipment, Gym Sports, Silver Sneakers, Zumba

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Xtreme Fitness
(501) 843-4500
205 N 10th St
Cabot, AR
Cypress Creek Course
(501) 941-4441
34 Cypress Creek Dr
Cabot, AR
Mega Fitness Studio
(501) 843-3070
454 Diederich Ln
Cabot, AR
Cabot Parks and Recreations
(501) 941-1506
3001 S 1st St
Cabot, AR
Curves Sherwood/North Little Rock AR
2001 E. Kiehl Avenue, Ste. 13
Sherwood, AR
Programs & Services
Aerobics, Body Sculpting, Cardio Equipment, Cardio Equipment, Circuit Training, Group Exercise Studio, Gym Classes, Gym Equipment, Gym Sports, Silver Sneakers, Zumba

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Curves For Women
(501) 843-8891
1904 S Pine St
Cabot, AR
Rolling Hills Country Club
(501) 843-5231
1635 Mount Carmel Rd
Cabot, AR
North Pulaski Ballpark
(501) 988-0002
10513 W Centennial Rd
Cabot, AR
J P and R Martin Street Recreation Center
(501) 982-0818
201 W Martin St
Jacksonville, AR
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Aerobic Exercise & Gorilla Training

(#3) Aerobic Exercise & Gorilla Training

(#3) Aerobic Exercise & Gorilla Training Dr. Gary Huber : Head Medical Ego

So what is exercise? A deceptively simple question but an important issue to discuss in light of our mission this holiday season. Exercise comes in a hundred different flavors but for ease of discussion lets divide it into aerobic exercise versus resistance training. I can tell you that every scientific study ever done on the topic of exercise has concluded that combinations of both types of exercise are superior to a program employing only one discipline. So for the sake of argument let’s agree that both are needed to keep your body running optimally but today we will focus some attention on aerobic exercise and in particular, the dreaded “high intensity intervals” or what we call HIIT training.

Aerobic exercise is defined as an activity that raises your basal metabolic rate to 50% above baseline and keeps it there for a minimum of 20 minutes. So if your resting heart rate is 80 right now, you would need to increase it to 120 before any training benefit or aerobic effect took place. Below 120 would be “activity” but not truly exercise. Activity is what living beings do. We move and breathe.

I often hear people tell me that they walk a lot at work and this is their “exercise.” If you are 80 years old then I agree that this is quite an accomplishment but if your 45 years old and carrying 10 extra pounds of fat, then I would suggest that possibly you are underachieving and setting the bar a tad higher would add tremendous benefit to your life. Oh and by the way, I know some 80 year olds that bike and run and exercise with good intensity.

So to figure out what your resting basal heart rate is just put your finger tips on your adams apple and slide it off to either side an inch or two as you press inward to find your carotid pulse. Now count how many beats you feel in the span of 20 seconds and multiply by 3. That tells you your heart rate per minute. Take that number and cut it in half and add it to the heart rate you counted. That number is how fast your heart needs to beat per minute to enter into the aerobic exercise realm. This is the beginning, not the end point.

If I asked you to walk a mile you could easily do this as the intensity of the activity is low and your body can easily supply the needed oxygen to keep your cells satisfied. If you then increased your pace to a slow jog your heart rate would begin to increase but you could continue this effort for quite some time as you are still able to provide adequate oxygen to your cells. If suddenly a large barking snarling dog appeared and took up the chase and you started to sprint for your life, your effort would require a dramatic increase in oxygen and in an all out sprint the need for oxygen is greater than your bodies ability to supply it so this is now anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise can only be sustained for short periods of time before the body stops, usually in ...

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